Job-Seeking Course

What is your purpose in studying Japanese? Many international students attend a Japanese language school, go on to graduate schools or vocational schools, and study Japanese for the ultimate goal of finding a job in Japan.

At the TIJ Tokyo Institute of Japanese, we have developed a program to cultivate human resources capable of finding employment as quickly as possible, while still studying Japanese. The test program (with scholarships) will start from October 2017.

Program Features

1. We train personnel capable of finding employment at a Japanese company in a minimum of one year.

Since this program aims to train personnel capable of acquiring a job in one year while studying Japanese, you can achieve your goal in the shortest amount of time.

2.Attractive program

mori_profileJapanese language program

A unique program run by excellent lecturers with over 20 years’ experience.

Human Resources Employment Training Program
A practical program to train the personnel that Japanese companies require.

※The program is currently supervised by Mr. Yoshihiro Mori, former announcer on Japan’s most famous television station (NHK), who develops human resources at universities around the world.

3. Close support for employment

We provide close support for students by providing Japanese employment information and holding company briefing sessions.

Program Content

1) Before coming to Japan, students take part in Japanese conversation classes with TIJ teachers over Skype etc.
2) After coming to Japan, students raise their Japanese level in a program designed to further improve Japanese language ability
3)We cultivate personnel with value and relevance for Japanese companies.
 Students will learn about Japanese corporate culture, business Japanese, business etiquette etc.
4)Internship experience at a Japanese company is also available.
5)We provide guidance on job-seeking activities.
Strategies for interviews, written exams, etc. 



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