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The TIJ Tokyo Japanese Language Institute, since its establishment in 1991, has provided Japanese language programs to residents in Japan, students from abroad, and corporate-related personnel, as well as providing training for Japanese language teachers and developing Japanese course materials. In particular, the Japanese language programs for students from abroad have been the central pillar of the institute. Many foreign students have completed these programs to date and it still continues to welcome a large number of students.Instructors at TIJ are continuously studying ways to improve Japanese language education while developing original course materials to use in class.
Guidance is provided to the students in particular with the objective to have them acquire “usable Japanese” skills and be able to communicate their ideas.

For that reason, many students that have completed the program have moved on to college and graduate schools, and a great number of them are working in Japanese companies both in Japan and abroad.

The greatest feature of TIJ is the close relationship between the teachers and the students. Students are able to consult their teachers as if they were their own mothers in Japan. They come to the teachers with various problems including trouble encountered in daily life and even matters concerning their life plans.

As a result, I am proud to say that since the opening of the school 20 years ago, we have established a family-like relationship with all our students, including our first to current students.

Our philosophy is to ”develop outstanding human resources” who will build bridges between Japan and Asia, Europe, America, Africa, etc. It is my wish that more students who understand the Japanese culture and tradition will graduate from our institute and a friendly relationship will be built between Japan and the home countries of our students. This, I hope, will lead to a Japanese society in which foreign citizens and the Japanese people can come together and live in harmony.

Ichikawa Sayuri, Principal



ph_kosi_j 講師V
Michiyo Ajichi
Masako Sasaki
Manager, Academic Affairs Department
Naoko Kitauchi
Manager, Academic and career Counseling Affairs Department
Atsuko Ishii
Manager, Administration Department


講師N 講師A 講師P 講師Q
Do Bich Diep
Leader, Administration Department
Jin Meihua
Adviser, International Department
Mari Yamanishi
Academic Affairs Department 
Norihisa Shinohara
TIJ Bhutan
講師O 講師S
Yui Kaneko
Academic and career Counseling Affairs Department
Toshie Masuda
Academic Affairs Department 
Shoko Watanabe
Lifestyle Counseling Affairs Department
Sumiyo Nakamoto
Lifestyle Counseling Affairs Department
講師R 講師T 講師W  

TIJ’s Philosophy

School Tradition of TIJ TIJ is a school relied on as an organization exhibiting integrity and sound judgement
TIJ is committed to providing a safe, fun, and fulfilling student life
TIJ values “kizuna” (bonds)
Values of TIJ In deed as well as in word Act on its principles (management philosophy)
Have the courage to act without hesitation
Sustain the zeal for education
Constantly provide services of high student satisfaction
Once in a lifetime chance Always show feelings of appreciation
Respect different values and individual differences
Consider how students feel from the perspective of the student, and believe each student’s potential
An enriched life Provide a ground for students to grow as a person
Find strengths in each person
Continue to wish for peace in the world
Staff at TIJ Challenge and create Set a specific goal and develop the ability to accomplish that goal
Exercise ingenuity in creating new ideas
Believe the ability to accomplish what is good
Embrace dreams and pride in one’s profession
Responsibility and integrity Cultivate a sense of responsibility and motivation in students
Do one’s absolute best in a sincere manner
Act with good sense according to one’s conscience
Harmony and cooperation Value teamwork and overall harmony
Maintain trust between instructors and staff
Support and enhance each other
Kindness and cheerfulness Support others with great joy
Become an inspiring person
Always smile with a cheerful and positive attitude


Name TIJ Tokyo Institute of Japanese TIJ building photo
Location ZIP:124-0024
1-17-10, Shinkoiwa, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
Telephone +81-3-5607-4100
FAX +81-3-5607-4102
Email tij@tij.ne.jp
Establishment October,1991
Chairman of Directors TIJ Chairman of DirectorsShunichi Tokura
Description Japanese language class
Japanese teach training course



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