TIJ: Couse line up, “Finding the Perfect Course for You”

Japanese Courses to Meet the Needs of Students

TIJ provides a number of appealing Japanese courses for a wide range of people including those who just want to casually study Japanese, students preparing for college and professional schools, or foreigners working in Japan.
TIJ offers quality programs with each course meeting the needs and language level of each student.


Preparatory Course

Courses for students who wish to enter a Japanese university,  graduate school, or professional school. Advanced  courses in Japanese for higher education including complete support systems such as student dormitories, assistance in life in Japan, and counseling for students preparing for higher educational institutions. 

High-level Japanese courses are offered for students who not only wish to go on to college, etc. but intend to find employment.

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Short-term Group Course for Short Stay

Courses for groups of students who want to casually experience and enjoy Japan. Students will not only be able to study Japanese but also enjoy the appealing culture through sightseeing and various exchanges.

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Weekday Course

Courses for foreigners living in Japan on business or accompanying family. Students will be able to study Japanese necessary for daily life or business.

There are also classes to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

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Saturday Course

Courses for students who are busy on weekends but have spare time on weekends to study Japanese. Students will study practical Japanese  that will help to make communication smoother as well as life in Japan more enjoyable and fulfilling. Intermediate-level classes include conversational Japanese in the business scene and preparation for the JLPT.

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