QHow do I apply for a student visa?

APlease go to “Admission qualification・Admission process・Application documents” on the “Studying Abroad” page.


QIs their a scholarship program?

AYes. Please go to “scholarship” on the “Student Support” page.


QCan I have a part-time job?

AStudents are required to file an application with the Immigration Office for outside activities such as part-time jobs. The Immigration Office will grant permission for a part-time job in the given job category up to a maximum of 28 hours per week. Currently, most students in the Studying Abroad course work within the designated job category at workplaces such as newspaper distributors, factories, restaurants, and convenience stores. Please go to “Part-time jobs” on the “Student Life” page.


QWhat kind of course material is used in class?

APlease go to “course material” on the “Studying Abroad” and the “Weekday course”pages.


QIs there an entrance fee?

APlease go to “School expenses” on the  “Studying Abroad” page. There is no entrance fee for the “Weekday  course” and the “Saturday  course”


QHow many students are there in one class?

AThe “Studying Abroad course” has 15 to 20 students. The “Weekday course” has 5 to 18 students.


QWhat are the nationalities of the students?

AWe have many students from China in the Studying Abroad course. We also have students from Korea, Vietnam, and the Phillipines. We have students from China, Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, India, Ethiopia, U.K., Ireland, Mexico, etc. in the Weekday course.


QCan I observe a class?

AYes. You can observe classes anytime for free. Please call the school in advance to arrange your visit.


QCan I enter the school on a tourist visa?

AYou can enter the Weekday course anytime and study for three months. Please go to the  “Weekday course” page.


QCan I enter a course after it has started? In that case do I have to pay the total tuition?

AYou can enter the Weekday course and the Saturday course anytime. If you enter the course after it has started, tuition will be charged in advance from the day you enroll.


QDo you provide on-site lessons?

AYes. Details on the Business Japanese course  (Japanes page) are given here.


QDo you provide private lessons?

AYes. Please call TIJ if you wish to take private lessons. Details on the Business Japanese course (Japanes page) are given here. 

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