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TIJ, Complete Student Support: “A Comfortable and Safe Setting to Study Japanese”

TIJ provides a warm support system with student dormitories convenient for commuting, guidance on the Japanese lifestyle, etc. Insurance for unexpected incidents and various scholarships/aid will ensure a comfortable and safe setting for studying Japanese as well as developing the ambitions of the students.



Dormitory is “Close”, “Inexpensive”, “clean”Students may live in the dormitory for three months after their arrival in Japan(or until students graduate if rooms are available). Please apply when you enroll at TIJ.

Dormitory fee

Total fee when you enter dormitory: 151,000 yen( tax included)
【Breakdown of dormitory fee】Entrance fee: 10,000yen/Deposit: 30,000yen/ Dorm fee (three months):  111,000yen

※Other fees : Bedding 10,000yen (for students who wish to purchase)

Room layout

Study room, bedroom, dining kitchen, bath, and toilet


Desk, chair, desk lamp, bed, bedding, air conditioner, TV set, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, microwave oven, rice cooker, dishes


The dormitory is located near the school and students can either walk or ride a bicycle to school.



As well as a dormitory of TIJ, you can choose various guest houses.

SHINKOIWA student union build
Home stay in JAPAN!!



Incentive funding for foreign students paying their own expenses

Provided yearly for one year (30,000 yen per month) by the Japan Student Services Organization through recommendation from the school.

TIJ Scholarship

Two students from every term whose grades have improved with excellent attendance and class attitude will each be awarded a 30,000 yen TIJ student scholarship.

TIJ’s Most Outstanding Student Award

TIJ recognizes students for grade excellence, attitude, and other performance with a cash award when they graduate.

TIJ’s Good Attendance Award

TIJ recognizes students for high attendance with a cash award when they graduate.


National Health Insurance

Students who are staying in Japan over 3 months or who have special permission of residence are required by law to enroll in the National Health Insurance system. The insurance premium is about 1,000 yen per month. Using the  National Health Insurance, you only need to pay 30% of fees for treatment, operation, and hospital charges.

Insurance for Foreign Students Studying at Japanese Language Schools

This insurance is for students studying at Japanese Language Schools and it covers costs including injuries caused by various accidents in daily life, illnesses, and rescue expenses. For treatment costs, the fee paid by the patient (30%) of the National Health Insurance will be defrayed. The premium is 15,800 yen for 1-year&6month, or20,000 yen for 2 years. All students at TIJ must enroll in the disaster compensation system.

Reliable Instructors as Advisors

We have counseling room.

Students studying abroad for the first time feel great anxiety. At TIJ Tokyo Institute of Japanese, the class teacher as well as the department staff in charge of academic affairs, counseling for higher education, students affairs and administrative affairs cooperate to maintain a system in which teachers can closely look after each student.

In a homey atmosphere, student and instructor communicate with each other at anytime in addition to interviews conducted every term. Counseling is warmly provided on matters such as part-time job-related troubles and worries as well as studies and career choices.

Unexpected incidents occur while foreign students are living in Japan. Students may become ill, be involved in an accident, or lose their wallets. The instructors are as reliable as the mothers of the students in their home countries. They will always watch over students and help them solve problems so that they can live safely in Japan.

Cooperation with parents/guardians

Regarding other daily life situations, etc., TIJ contacts the parents/guardians and cooperate to support the students.

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