Report on Response to Coronavirus (10th Feb, 2020)

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Report on Response to Coronavirus

10th Feb, 2020

    TIJ Tokyo Institute of Japanese would like to extend all our sympathy with all those who have been in uneasy and unstable conditions, the bereaved families of the deceased and those who have infected with coronavirus.

According to overseas safety information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, the risk level has been increased as mentioned below.

・the risk level throughout Hubei Province in China is currently at level 3 (Please stop traveling.)

・The areas of China other than Hubei province is at level 2 (Please stop unnecessary or nonurgent travel.)


In response to this, students, teachers, and staffs are prohibited from traveling to China until it drops to Level 1.

Students planning to return home during the spring break must not return home until it drops to level 1.

Please also refrain from the family visiting students in Japan from China during this period.

The following measures are taken to prevent the infections so that students can live securely and safely.


 ①Grasp physical conditions of the students, teachers and staff every day.

   (Those who are with poor health condition will be instructed to see the doctor immediately.)

    ②Grasp the person being at high risk of infection from time to time

  (If the person, cohabitant or relatives have recently returned from China, their situation must be checked.)


2.Provision of Information  and Call Attention to the students

①Provision of infectious information

②Call attention for staffs, teachers and students wearing masks when they go out,   washing hands and gargling when they return home.


3.Environment of schools and classrooms

①Mask and hand sanitizer are always kept in classroom

②Disinfect their hands before class

③Air purification and humidification by installing air-purifier

④classroom ventilation

No students are suspected of having coronavirus as of now. We will continue to thoroughly grasp the current status of students and give instructions. If someone feel wrong with their health conditions, we will respond promptly and communicate closely with parents in their home countries.

We sincerely hope things will settle down as soon as possible.


                                                                      TIJ Tokyo Institute of Japanese

                            Principal   Sayuri Ichika

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