Report on Response to Covid-19 (Fourth report)

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February 27th, 2020

Report on Response to Covid-19 (fourth report)


In regard to the spread of new Coronavirus (Covid-19), TIJ Tokyo Institute of Japanese would like to express our sympathy to all those who are spending anxious days, the bereaved families of the deceased and those who have infected with coronavirus.


In response to the spread of domestic infections in Japan, we have decided to take the following measures.


〇To close the school

The closed period is from March 2nd (Monday) until March 13th (Friday)

As for the shorten period of the classes, students will be assigned homework to do in their home. When things settle down, we will provide supplementary classes later.

※Closed-period may be extended based on national policies and infection status.


〇School day (cancellation of closing school)

From March 16th (Monday) until March 18 (Wednesday)

※The date may be changed in case closed-period is extended.

〇Graduation trip

The graduation trip is canceled.

〇Graduation Ceremony

The graduation ceremony is scheduled for March 19 as of now, but we will decide whether or not to implement depending on the situation around March 10.

In addition, those students who are not going to graduate this time do not attend, and graduates are also not required to participate. It will be optional.

Only regular staffs and teachers is going to participate.


The following measures are continuously taken to prevent the infections so that students can live securely and safely.



  ①Grasp physical conditions of the students, teachers and staff every day.


If you have the symptom of having a cold, you are not allowed to attend school. We will provide supports to students with poor health conditions other than symptoms of cold based on situations of domestic infection and administrative policies.


  ②Grasp the person being at high risk of infection from time to time


2.Provision of Information and Call Attention to the students

  ①Provision of infectious information from time to time

  ②Refrain from unnecessary and nonurgent outing


Staffs, teachers and students are implementing to wear masks when they go out and to wash hands and gargle when they return home.


3.Environment of schools and classrooms

  ①Mask and hand sanitizer are always kept in classroom

  ②Disinfect their hands before class

  ③Air purification and humidification by installing air-purifier

  ④classroom ventilation



No students are suspected of having coronavirus as of now. We will continue to thoroughly grasp the current status of students and give instructions. If someone feel wrong with their health conditions, we will respond promptly and communicate closely with parents in their home countries.


We sincerely hope that the spread of this infection will end soon          



                                     TIJ Tokyo Institute of Japanese
Principal   Sayuri Ichikawa

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