Report on Response to Coronavirus (Fifth report)

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February 19th, 2020
TIJ Tokyo Institute of Japanese


Report on Response to Coronavirus (Fifth report)



Based on the government announcement on March 10, the schedule for international student classes at the end of this semester will be changed as follows.


〇School day

The final exam will be conducted on either March 16(Mon) or 17(Tue) being designated depending on the class.

Students will be divided into two classrooms per one class and they will sit down at regular intervals.

In addition, homework assignments given during the period of closing school will be checked.


〇Graduation ceremony

It will be held at EDOGAWA-KU SOGO BUNKACENTER for about one hour from 10:30am. The students who won’t graduate this time do not attend, and the graduates are also not required to participate. It is optional for the graduates.

As for the teachers, only homeroom teacher and staffs will participate.


On the day of coming to school and the graduation ceremony, all students and teachers will wear a mask, disinfect your fingers, and then enter the room.



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