Report on Response to Coronavirus (Sixth report)

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March 26th, 2020 

TIJ Tokyo Institute of Japanese

Report on Response to Coronavirus (Sixth report)


Following the announcement from the Governor of Tokyo on March 25 that “Tokyo is currently at a critical stage of the infection explosion,”, we are planning to change the schedule as follows. However, it may be changed further depending on the situation in the future.


1)The spring semester for international students will be from April 16 (Thursday) to June 30 (Tuesday), and also during golden week vacation(consecutive holidays), we are going to have classes on April 30 (Thursday) and May 1 (Friday).


We will continue to conduct health checks and hand disinfection every day. In addition,

we will distribute two copies of mask per week to students if the students don’t have masks.


2)Make-up classes we missed for the winter semester is planning to be held between April 8 (Wednesday) and 13 (Monday) with sufficient regular intervals. It will be decided around April 6.


3)We do not hold the entrance ceremony for new students, conduct placement tests when they come to class. The students will participate in the class after placement test.


4)Saturday class is going to start on April 25th.


We sincerely hope that the spread of this infection will end soon.


                                                                                                                     Principal        Sayuri Ichikawa 

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