Report on response to Covid-19 (Seventh report)

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April 7th, 2020
TIJ Tokyo Institute of Japanese


Report on response to Covid-19 (Seventh report)


On April 7th, Prime Minster of Japan, Shinzo Abe, has announced National Emergency. According to the announcement, TIJ Tokyo Institute of Japanese has decided to respond as  followings.


1) Office hours

・From Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 16:00

・Two staffs work at the office and other staffs work from home. The staff both at the office and home will continue to provide the information and life and health support to the students. School will send a mask to the students who is in need.


2) Supplementary classes

The supplementary classes will be conducted online.

Period is from April 8 to 15

(April 8 for everyone, 2 to 4 days between 9th to 15th depending on class)


3) Spring semester classes start online.

Period:From April 16 to 30

April 29 is a public holiday, but online classes will be held.

For the students who do not have a Wifi environment, we will use LINE etc. and to give tasks for JLPT or EJU.


4) Classes are going to resume at school on May 7th.

we may continue to do online classes depending on the situations.


We will notify you on the website if there are any changes in the future.


We sincerely hope that this infection will end as soon as possible.


Principal  Sayuri Ichikawa

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