Report on Covid-19 (8th report)

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Report on Covid-19 (8th report)

 May 7, 2020

On May 4, the government of Japan announced that the national emergency regarding Covid-19 will be extended until May 31. Accordingly, we have decided to take the following measures.

1) Extension of online class for spring semester to international students

① Extend the period until May 31st

*The period could be extended depending on the situations.

② About textbooks being used for online lessons

・ The textbooks were distributed to all through mail etc. The necessary materials for online class were sent to staff working from home to ensure that they can have online lessons at home.

・ For the materials used in the online classes, we contacted the publisher and obtained permission to use them.

2) About application method of special cash payment regarding Covid-19

① Regarding the student’s address

Confirmation of student address was done before the school is closed. We also offer individual support for students who have moved after March.

② Support for applying special cash payment

In response to the start of application for Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture on April 27, we also started the support of application for the students. In addition, we will support the students of other local government as soon as they start receiving applications (as soon as they receive the mailing documents from local government).

3) Saturday course

All spring semesters will be conducted by online from May 16th.

For more information, please check our website at


We will continue to thoroughly share information between teachers and staffs, including daily physical condition checks. At the same time, we will grasp student’s health conditions and provide necessary supports to the students as much as possible, including arranging a hospital for students with poor physical condition.


If there are any changes, we will inform on our website.

We sincerely hope that this spread will end as soon as possible.


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Principal Sayuri Ichikawa

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