Report on Covid-19 (9th report)

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Report on Covid-19 (9th report)

May 25, 2020.


On May 25, prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced that the state of emergency declared against Covid-19 is over in Japan, TIJ Tokyo Japanese institute of Japanese has decided to take the following measures to resume classroom lessons while ensuring the safety of students, teachers and staffs.


(1) Class Schedule from June

・Date of resuming the classroom lessons: June 1, 2020(Monday)

・For the time being, each class will be conducted three days a week in the classroom and two days a week online.(The number of classroom lessons will be changed every two weeks based on circumstances according to the policies government and Tokyo metropolis).

・Reduce the number of students in the class and seat them at intervals.

・Adequate ventilation is provided.

・When entering a classroom, a non-contact thermometer is used to measure the temperature and disinfect the hands and fingers.

・Students must wear a mask. (Students who do not have masks will be given them.)

・Teachers will wear a mask and face shield.

・Disinfect the classroom after use.


2) Conducted a survey on the economic situation of international students.

A survey of the economic situation was conducted from May 25 to 26 in order to find out if there are any students who are living in poverty due to a decrease in part-time income in line with the new coronavirus measures. The school is committed to providing as much support as possible to those students who are in need.


We will continue to thoroughly share information among teachers and staff members, and at the same time, we will do our best to understand students’ physical condition and provide all possible support for students who are not feeling well, including arranging hospitals. With the resumption of classes, we will continue to be flexible in our response to the situation, while thoroughly implementing the measures mentioned above.

We will continue to announce any changes on our website.


We sincerely hope that peace and tranquility will return to everyone as soon as possible.


TIJ Tokyo Institute of Japanese
Principal Sayuri Ichikawa

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