Report on the new Coronavirus (10th Report)

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Report on the new Coronavirus (10th Report)

June 17, 2020

The request from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to close its doors due to the spread of a new type of coronavirus will be fully lifted on the 19th.
In response to this announcement, the TIJ Tokyo Institute of Japanese Language has decided to fully reopen classes on the 22nd . Accordingly, we have decided to implement the following measures

(1) Class structure from June 22
・Full day classes will resume on Monday, June 22.
・We will reduce the number of students in each classroom to avoid the “3 crowded” situation. We have staggered the end time. In addition, we will continue to pay attention to the following
・Reduce the number of students in the class and sit at intervals.
・Adequately ventilate the classrooms.
・Measure the temperature with a non contact thermometer and disinfect your hands when you enter the classroom
・Students and teachers must wear masks (teachers must also wear a face shield)
・Disinfect the classrooms after use.

(2) Support for international students Start of app lying for special cash payment/ Emergency Student Support Handout for Continuing Studies
A survey of students’ financial situation, which has been conducted since May, has been completed,and the result of the survey, by food, rent and communication costs, ha s been collected . We have conduct ed a questionnaire and me t with students individually to discuss their current financial situation, starting with the most urgent ones. We have made efforts to understand the situation as much as possible. We will continue to monitor student situations and utilize the TIJ Foundation (3) and other resources to ensure that students have peace of mind. We will support the students by providing lifestyle guidance and student support so that they can have a successful life in Japan

3) Establishment of “TIJ Student Fund Shitokukai
 Since its establishment, TIJ Tokyo Institute of Japanese has been trying to provide close support in terms of learning and spending life in japan for international students to be able to learn and play an active role as a member of international society in the future
 Due to the situation of the spread of the coronavirus , we have set up a fund, “TIJ Student Fund Shitokukai,” to provide support for the students.
Mainly, the fund will be used to help students such as lending or purchasing supplies to ensure the safety and security of students , when a pandemic or large scale natural disaster happens . As an emergency measure , the Life Guidance and Student Support Team will provide assistance to students who are currently in need
We would like to ask all of you to support the purpose of this fund and cooperate with us.
We also accept donations, and we appreciate your cooperation.
As donations are also being accept ed, we would appreciate your support in this regard.

We will continue to thoroughly share information among teacher s and staff at the same time and monitor students’ physical condition to make sure that they are in good health. TIJ will provide as much support as possible to students who are in poor physical conditions . In addition , with the full resumption of classes, TIJ will take the above measure s thoroughly, but it could be changed again depending on the situation . We will handle it flexibly
We sincerely hope that the peaceful days will return to you as soon as possible.

TIJ Tokyo Institute of Japanese
Principal Sayuri Ichikawa

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