Report on Covid-19 (16th report)

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Report on Covid-19 (16th report)

                                     October 8, 2021

The emergency declaration was lifted at the end of September. As the number of newly infected people continues to decrease, TIJ Tokyo Institute of Japanese will take the following measures for the fall semester starting on October 11.

In principle, the classes will be held in the classroom three days a week and online two days a week, and some classes will be held in the classroom five days a week.

However, if there is a case of new coronavirus infection in a class, that class will be switched to online for the entire week. If there is an outbreak of infection in more than one class at the same time, all classes will go online.

We will continue to provide daily temperature checks, physical condition checks, classroom ventilation and disinfection, and vaccination support.


                                                                                                   TIJ Tokyo Institute of Japanese

                                                                                                           Principal, Sayuri Ichikawa

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